Weekend Story: My Parents’ 35th Wedding Anniversary Celebration + Bonding Time with My Godchildren

Last weekend was quite busy. The hubby and I drove to Manila on Saturday to finish some errands and that night, we hosted a dinner at home to celebrate the 35th wedding anniversary of my parents. To make it more fun, I asked my two godchildren and the usual suspects (a.k.a. their families) to come because they weren’t able to visit me on Christmas Day. We also invited some neighbors and of course, our new neighbors, haha. Because of the tight sched, I wasn’t able to prepare anything edible and so I just had food delivered to our house. We also dropped by S&R Baclaran to pick up some cake and ice cream for desserts. It turned out to be a beautiful night filled with chatter and laughter.

One of the perks of having your mom living just next door is I get to have a companion when going to the wet market. It’s always fun walking from one stall to another with Mame around. She’s a natural charmer! Mas nauna pa nga syang makilala ng tindero ng karne kesa sakin samantalang ako ang totoong suki nun, hahaha. Pati yung suki ko sa isda, si Mame ang kakwentuhan agad paglapit namin sa stall nya. Going to the wet market with Mame is sort of therapeutic for me. I just have to remind myself to bring eco bags on our next wet market trip kasi ang hirap magbuhat ng biniling pagkain pag plastic (they call it “plastik na labo”) lang ang lalagyan na walang handles! Kaloka!

Here are some photos from our weekend:

love these two to bits!

dinner scene

Have a lovely week ahead, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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