Weekend Story: More Down Time at Home

Last weekend passed by quickly. I guess weekends are fast like that so you really have to make the most of your time. In our case, it’s more of down time. The hubby and I got to rest and spend time with our extended families. Aside from shopping for food and hearing the mass, we didn’t do anything outside the house.

Here are some photos from our weekend:

at church with my in-laws

my first taste of Avocadoria was a-okay!

Have a beautiful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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2 Replies to “Weekend Story: More Down Time at Home”

  1. Na curious ako sa Avocadoria. Ang dami kasing IG posts about it. Masarap ba or hype ulit ito? hehe feeling ko mas masarap pa yung homemade ice cream na gawa mo 🙂

    1. Mas masarap siyempre yung homemade avocado ice cream na gawa ko, hahahaha. Biased ako eh! 😛 Pero Jackie, okay din tong Avocadoria kasi hindi nila tinipid sa avocado. Ang ayaw ko lang yung sago nila na isa sa mga toppings, kasi matigas unlike yung nilalagay sa mga pearl milk teas na tamang tama ang lambot at chewiness. If bibili ulit ako, yung soft-serve na avocado ice cream lang talaga ng bibilhin ko, no more toppings na. 🙂

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