Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s Pedia Visit + Edwin’s 41st Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was a long one for us because we took a leave from work yesterday for the hubby’s birthday. Well, technically, it was just him who literally took a leave from work because I was working from home yesterday.

On Saturday, we took baby NJ to her pediatrician (whose clinic is located in Binondo, Manila) for her second pneumococcal and third rotavirus vaccines. One more vaccine to go and our wallets will be able to rest temporarily until next year!

Our Sunday was slow and steady. We spent most of our time taking care of baby NJ.  And yesterday, for the hubby’s 41st birthday celebration, we had a simple dinner with family. We just bought a box of cake (for the traditional candle blowing) and a tub of ice cream from S&R to add to our meals. My in-laws sponsored a roasted chicken (prepared by my MIL) and a bilao of pancit Malabon from Amber.

Here are some photos from our weekend:

our brave little girl getting her pneumococcal shot

best chicken empanada I’ve tried so far

birthday noodles for the birthday boy (pre-birthday treat when we dined at Hap Chan Evia for merienda last Saturday afternoon after our grocery run)

these locally-made yogurt drinks are gooood!

with my loves just before the hubby’s birthday dinner

Have a lovely week ahead, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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