Weekend Story: Caring for a Sick Baby

The two past weekends felt like a loooooong one to us. Just remembering the recent events make me wanna cry in relief. Baby NJ got sick with cold and cough which was followed by a high fever and ended up in tigdas hangin (German measles). She had rashes all over her body and looked so kawawa. But the rashes cleared up on their own without meds after a few days like how they were supposed to. She got sick right after her 10th month birthday pa naman but thank God she eventually got well completely within a two-week period so I opted to make a single weekend story for the two weekends that passed.

Baby NJ getting sick for the very first time since she was born was one of the most stressful moments of our parenthood. Ibang klase rin pala ang kaba at stress kapag maysakit ang anak mo lalo na at baby pa sya. Akala ko aabot kami ng first birthday nya na hindi sya magkakasakit pero hindi pala. But it’s okay, at least we got to experience caring for a sick baby. It was difficult, but it sure made us better parents.

Here are some photos from our not so happy two weekends:

baby NJ at 10 months

simple dinner at my parent’s kitchen to celebrate baby NJ’s 10 months of existence

with her smiling mommy 😛

baby NJ with her grandparents (a.k.a. Edwin’s parents)

our poor baby still suffering from German measles (just look at ’em rashes!) 🙁

happy parents again because she’s almost back to her 100% self here 🙂

Have a sickness-free week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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