Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s First New Year

Last New Year weekend was extra special and meaningful in the sense that most of us were relieved 2020 was finally over and a new year has arrived. I dunno with you but the way I saw it, it felt like we were entering a new era and we were hopeful about everything. We were glad we were still alive when 2020 ended which meant we have survived the pandemic (so far).

In our family, we rang in 2021 as simply and as happily as we could. We also made sure baby NJ would have a great time by dressing her up and explaining to her about the firecrackers and the firework displays, haha. She got scared with the loud sounds from the firecrackers at first but enjoyed it eventually. For her own safety, we took her inside the house after a minute of watching outside because we have started to smell smoke in the air.

The hubby and I were grateful because baby NJ came into our lives at a time when we least expected it and at a moment of history when a virus claimed lives and economies and even changed the way people live and plan their lives. She made this ordeal more bearable and gave us thousands of reasons to just live and adapt to the “new normal.” As I always say, God is good all the time. Thank you, Lord, for making us experience this pandemic because we got humbled and we got to appreciate what we have — from our family and friends to our jobs and daily tasks and all those moments that may seem ordinary but are what really matter in our lives. But please, may the pandemic come to an end soon so we could go back to what life used to be and enjoy the outside world safely again!

Here are several photos from our happy new year weekend:

Techos and Mabalays group pic on New Year’s eve

our Media Noche spread

mini drink and snack bar

proud of my lechon belly na may pagka- chicharon sa lutong, medyo napa-alat lang ng konti pero yummy pa rin! 😛

my most requested kani salad 🙂

the hubby and his mini-me on New Year morning

Mabalay family re-enactment of pic on New year’s Eve 2020

Techo family’s version

the little person who owns this two-letter name is our greatest blessing last 2020, this 2021 and beyond!

our official family pic for the New Year

Happy 2021 to all! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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