Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s Vaccine Day + Minor Accident

Last weekend was quite busy. On Saturday, the hubby and I took baby NJ to her pedia in Manila for yet another vaccine shot. (This time, it’s Hepa A vaccine and we paid P3,500 for it which was already inclusive of consultation fee.) The rest of the day was spent finishing errands.

Our Sunday was not so happy because baby NJ had a minor accident. She tripped while walking (ang bilis nya kasi maglakad, mana sakin, waaaah!) and bumped her knees on the ground and her left forehead on the sidewalk. She cried really loud and my mommy heart got broken into pieces for a few minutes. Her knees didn’t get scratched but her left forehead was a different story. While it didn’t swell, it turned red and got a small scratch. We immediately put an ice pack on it to soothe it. We also observed NJ in the next hours for other symptoms. Fortunately, she didn’t have any and even returned to her normal self just as soon as she stopped crying.

Here are some highlights of our weekend:

on our way to Manila

about to be vaccinated

on our way to San Miguel to visit kuya Pippo’s niche

family pic at the San Miguel church complex

saying hi to kuya Pippo, sensya na po ambilis talaga magdumi sa paligid ng cremation niche nya 😛

she’s excited to go home

made overnight oats last weekend which turned out yummy!

Italliani’s four seasons salad was a hit to the hubby and me (we got to squeeze in a quick date on Sunday when we did some errand at Evia Lifestyle Center)

matcha frappe from yet another merchant we tried on foodpanda last weekend

kulitan at home with my bulilit na makulit

Have a peaceful and accident-free week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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