Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s First Trick-or-Treating Experience

During last year’s Halloween, we thought baby NJ was still too young to appreciate the event so we didn’t bother to introduce it to her. This year, though, was different. Her Tita Ninang Jodie bought some candies and chocolates and got her a Disney princess costume on Shopee. So, we agreed to dress her up for Halloween and let her experience trick-or-treating for the first time.

It was a good thing our condo suddenly announced they would be having a trick-or-treat activity for the kids but they would be doing it the “new normal” style. By that, they meant delivering the “treats” to our doorstep instead of having an actual party. Cool. That was okay with us as all we needed to do was go to the condo on October 30th and wait for them to knock on our door.

It was funny because on the day itself, baby NJ had fallen asleep while waiting for her treats. For some reason, the 1:00PM schedule didn’t materialize and the delivery peeps, who looked quite scary in their Squid Game costumes, arrived on our doorstep past 2:00PM already. Sayang, hindi tuloy sya nakunan ng litrato na naka-costume ng Princess Jasmine ng mga yun!

Below are some photos to immortalize baby NJ’s first trick-or-treating experience:

our little Princess Jasmine

the delivery peeps going around the condo clad in Squid game costumes

baby NJ inspecting some of her “treats”

with the giddy parents 😛

from Princess Jasmine to Sleeping Beauty 😛

more candies = more fun

with her always supportive and dutiful Tita Ninang Jodie

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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