New San Miguel Beer Flavors: Apple and Lemon

During dinner one chilly night, the fiancee introduced me to the two new flavors of San Miguel Beer: lemon and apple. I am guessing these are their match to GSM’s Antonov Apple Vodka and Asia Brewery’s Tanduay Ice Alcomix (a new favorite of mine!) that are fairly new in the market.


Between the two, I like the San Miguel Beer Lemon Flavor more. It’s super light and easy to drink. The lemon flavor is just right, too. I like that it doesn’t overpower the distinctive malt flavor of the beer. With just 3% alcohol, this one won’t give anyone a hangover.

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Review: Belkin Home Router

When we got a new desktop at home a few weeks ago, the need for internet connection and a wifi router presented itself right after. I knew my brother already had a lot on his hands so I volunteered to shoulder the internet subscription fees as well as the expenses for the wifi router. We got our internet connection from PLDT thru its myDSL Plan P990. For the wifi requirement, I got a basic Belkin home router.


Belkin is an American wifi brand. I got our Belkin home router from Octagon-SM Manila for P1,995 (approx. $48). Compared to the other wifi routers in the market, I found Belkin’s design more sleek and stylish. It was a bit bulky, but I didn’t mind. It was gray in color and came with a CD installer and a free Belkin mouse (worth P400) when I bought it.

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Warts Removal at Cavite Skin Clinic

After getting two recommendations from two different friends for this good skin clinic in Imus, Cavite, I finally decided to go there for my warts removal. I even tagged my mom along as she was actually the one who needed it the most.

The name of the clinic was Cavite Skin Clinic. It lies along Aguinaldo Highway near the PLDT Office and the toll bridge pointing to the road going to Imus Town Proper. It is quite easy to locate. If you’re from Manila and commuting, ride a bus plying the Imus-Dasmariñas routes. The clinic is on the left side and across it is a 7-Eleven Store.[UPDATE: clinic is now situated beside the 7-Eleven store]

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Our New Adidas Running Shoes

The fiancee has long been bugging me to run, and recently I have given in to his plea. But only after I had him promised me that he’d run and not just jog or brisk walk like what he was used to doing before. After receiving our mid-year bonus last month, we got ourselves new Adidas running shoes. Each pair costed us a little less than P3,000. We both got black running shoes because we thought the color was low-maintenance and wouldn’t get dirty easily as compared to white.

sporting my new Adidas Soltec 2 running shoes
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My Beetle Earrings

I love wearing earrings. It makes me feel girly and feminine. I wear all kinds of earrings except for the clip-on ones. Whenever I buy a new pair of earrings, I always take comfort and wearability in consideration. In our office, for instance, women are not allowed to wear dangling earrings. I own a few pairs of dangling earrings but to avoid getting subjected to disciplinary action, I only wear them when I attend a party or go out with friends.

beetle earrings

My latest earring purchase is a pair of beetle earrings. I got it from a jewelry stall manned by a Chinese lady at a Baclaran mall early this year. I was able to lower the price to P100, thanks to my haggling skills. I said ‘beetle’ because that’s what the earrings look to me. They are actually faux pearls covered with silver-plated metal in the upper front shaped into what looks like insect heads with wings. The faux pearls serve as the body to complete the insect look. And those insects sure look like beetles, aren’t they?
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