Slow PC

The PC I’m using at work is old. It’s been slow since I can remember. I think I’ve used up all the PC tips and tricks I learned online but still, my PC’s state remained the same. The hubby, who’s an IT expert himself, couldn’t do anything about it, either.

Last year, I informed our property custodian that I needed a new PC. Unfortunately, she said it was not included in our office budget for that year and would include it to our next year’s budget instead. That next year was this year. I’m so happy I have a new PC coming soon. No need for me to read forums on PC repair or search “how to speed up your computer” on Google. Yay!

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My Techie Husband

I didn’t know having a techie husband could be costly. Or maybe I knew all along and I was just pretending not to know. If there’s one vice that my husband is addicted to, it would be gadgets. He has always been fascinated with anything IT-related. It must be because of his work, or he just really wants to get updated on the latest gadgets and acquire them if he has the resources to do so.

Last week, he attended a week-long IT governance seminar held at a government agency located somewhere in Quezon City. He said he learned a lot from it and now he wants to gain more knowledge by attending an ITIL governance seminar abroad. How ambitious! If the expenses will be paid wholly by his company, why not? If that’s not the case, I guess he better waits for the opportunity to come his way. Haha.

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Goodbye, Sun Cellular!

Last night was historic. I finally had my Sun Cellular subscription cut. And for good. I used to have two Sun lines (Plan 350), one for me and one for my brother. But eventually I got tired of it and thought it no longer had any use to me. I only use one phone now, before it was two.


For 30 months (the standard lock-in period), Sun gave me satisfactory service. I can’t really rave about it. They used to disappoint me quite often. But that was before, when their signal was still not that strong. I heard they’ve improved greatly now, but unfortunately, I don’t need them anymore.

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New Instagram User

I’ve recently switched to iPhone and is currently exploring its awesome features. I learned how to use this phone when hubby got one a few years ago (it was a 3GS, now he owns a 4S). I also owned an iPod Touch 4G before but decided to leave it to my siblings when I got tired of it.

iPhone has so much apps to entertain people. At present, I’m hooked on Instagram. Well, I’m not really hooked, I just enjoy staring at nice photos uploaded by the inspiring people I follow. Haha. Oftentimes, I run out of photos (and ideas for captioning) to share. But it doesn’t keep me from checking Instagram whenever I’m online.

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Life Sans Internet

I can’t imagine life without internet connection. (I once wrote a poem about my internet addiction.) Sure, life would still be liveable but things would never be the same again without the internet. Like just the other day when the internet connection in our office suddenly acted up. I felt sad. I felt useless. Why would I not feel that way if everything I had to do on my PC needed the help of the internet?

I’ve never wanted a super fast internet connection. I just want a stable and reliable one. A big chunk of my work in the office relies to the internet to produce good output. My blogging depends highly on the internet for maintenance, promotion and exposure. Okay, that’s enough drama. Haha.

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Laptop Repair

When we attended the burial ceremonies for my deceased aunt in the province, I had the chance to update myself on the lives of my other cousins and I’m sure they had the same experience as mine. Until now, I am amazed by the transformations we’ve been through. I’m talking about the physical and economical changes in our lives.

One of my cousins, for instance, will soon continue her studies as a college freshman. We just got a text from her yesterday that she passed the entrance exams at STI. What good news! Now, all she needs are school supplies and one of those laptops for students (for better study habits!) and she’ll be good to go. Did I mention she’s gonna be a Jollibee scholar? Yes, that’s right. She’s been working for Jollibee as a service crew and they eventually learned that she wanted to finish her studies. Now they wanna help them in their own little way. Cool.

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