My Techie Husband

I didn’t know having a techie husband could be costly. Or maybe I knew all along and I was just pretending not to know. If there’s one vice that my husband is addicted to, it would be gadgets. He has always been fascinated with anything IT-related. It must be because of his work, or he just really wants to get updated on the latest gadgets and acquire them if he has the resources to do so.

Last week, he attended a week-long IT governance seminar held at a government agency located somewhere in Quezon City. He said he learned a lot from it and now he wants to gain more knowledge by attending an ITIL governance seminar abroad. How ambitious! If the expenses will be paid wholly by his company, why not? If that’s not the case, I guess he better waits for the opportunity to come his way. Haha.

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Fun Saturday

Weekend at home is always fun. Like this Saturday when the workers are still here finishing our back extension which now serves as our kitchen. I saw the improvements last night and was really pleased. I didn’t know such a small space would transform into something beautiful. A small kitchen that has all the basic things a domestic goddess to-be would need. Just lovely.

The hubby’s family are here with us, too. That means the house is more alive than ever. My MIL is currently busy cooking our lunch. I got spared from cooking, yay! My FIL is talking with the workers while my one and only SIL is busy tinkering with her new Blackberry phone. And me? I’m in front of the PC documenting what’s happening around me at this point in time. Haha.

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Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Boxing Match

This Sunday is going to be special. At least for my hubby who’s been supporting Pacquiao’s every boxing match since time immemorial (kidding!). He subscribed to paper view for the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match so I’m expecting some loud noise in our Bacoor home come Sunday morning. My FIL will be with us so two men shouting on TV would be quite something.

But no, I’m not complaining. It’s all fun. Even I watch Pacquiao matches though I don’t get too engrossed over it. I still think it’s a guy thing to be hooked on boxing. Haha. If I get bored watching, maybe I’ll just surf the net and try looking for new business ideas (I want some extra income!). Perhaps, I could start by browsing through business must-haves, something like a vonage business phone service or a faster internet connection (than what we have at present).

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Maternity Clothes

Last week I went to the mall to get myself some maternity clothes. None of the dressy kind yet, though. I just got a pair of maternity slacks and some large tops. Next time I’ll get new undergarments because the ones I’m wearing these days are already tight to me.

I’m just happy there’s this mall (a.k.a. SM Manila) near our place that’s so convenient to visit. It has all the things I could ever want. Even the outdoor ceiling fan that I want for our Bacoor home it has in different styles and colors. Speaking of home improvement, our back kitchen will be finished this week. I’m so excited to see the improvements done so far tonight. Finally.

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Weekend Cook

I have always enjoyed cooking. Cooking for me is as therapeutic as shopping is for other girls. When I cook, I can be anyone I want to be. Armed with a ladle and a pan, I can make my foodie dreams come true and get my senses satisfied in the process.

I learned how to cook from my mom. I remember when I was little I would watch my mom whipping up great-tasting dishes at the humble kitchen of our provincial home. You see, I grew up in the province where people cook real meals made from the freshest and finest ingredients one could easily find in the town market or at a neighbor’s farm.

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2nd Month

Yesterday was quite special. It was our 2nd month as a married couple and we have so much to be thankful for. Top on the list is the fact that we are expecting a baby. Today, I’m exactly on my 12 weeks of pregnancy and we’re very glad that everything is doing just fine.


It’s too early to say but I think the hubby and I have been adjusting really well with our new life together. Traveling to and from Bacoor home four times a week is no easy feat. Yes, we still sleep over at my in-laws’ place (to save on gas) whenever we have something important to do late at night. Haha.

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