2nd Month

Yesterday was quite special. It was our 2nd month as a married couple and we have so much to be thankful for. Top on the list is the fact that we are expecting a baby. Today, I’m exactly on my 12 weeks of pregnancy and we’re very glad that everything is doing just fine.


It’s too early to say but I think the hubby and I have been adjusting really well with our new life together. Traveling to and from Bacoor home four times a week is no easy feat. Yes, we still sleep over at my in-laws’ place (to save on gas) whenever we have something important to do late at night. Haha.

I never thought married life can be this easy and fun. Seriously. I have to give credit to my hubby for playing his role as head of our start-up family well. I know this isn’t going to be as smooth-sailing as now all the time, but we’re up to the challenge. At the end of the day, love, patience, commitment and a lot of prayers are still the keys to a happy and successful marriage.

Happy 2nd month, Bot! Thanks for everything! ­čÖé

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