Ideal Weight Gain for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy means a lot of things to different women. If there’s one thing I so look forward to about my pregnancy, it’s eating a lot and gaining weight. Haha. Seriously, gaining weight is a must during pregnancy. The baby has to get as much nutrition as it can from the mother.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. This morning, I hit the scales and found out I gained 4 lbs. Cool, huh! It means I’m gaining weight and it’s good for the baby. I know I need to gain more as my pregnancy progresses, but I don’t wanna gain more than what’s needed. So, I researched a bit and found some information on the recommended weight gain a pregnant woman should have:

for pregnant women with a single baby

for pregnant women with twins or multiple babies


Given my pre-pregnancy weight of 130 lbs, my BMI is around 22. It means, I’m allowed to gain anywhere between 25 to 35 lbs. Experts suggest following this weight gain table strictly so that pregnant women won’t have a hard time managing their weight after giving birth.

Now that I’m better informed, I guess it’s time to eat more! 🙂

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