Fun Weekend in the Suburb

Last weekend was fun. My mom, along with my two younger sisters, joined us in our Bacoor home. We spent the weekend doing the usual daily activities but in a fresher and more relaxed environment of the suburb. This is the life.

We cooked, ate, watched cable TV, surfed the net, played NBA games on PS3, walked around the village, and chatted about almost anything under the sun, from grocery shopping and wonder bras to child rearing and steel buildings canada. I missed my mom and two sisters so much, I was glad I had the time to bond with them again since the wedding.

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3rd Month

Our 3rd month together as husband and wife falls on Father’s Day. Now that we’re expecting, I think it’s just proper to greet my husband a Happy Father’s Day. I did just that when I woke up this morning. Haha.


So far, our married life has been really great and blessed. No big problems, whatsoever. And we’re thankful because God continues to guide our marriage. It’s too early to tell what will happen to us one, five or ten years from now, but we’re very optimistic about our future. Especially now that we’re looking forward to the arrival of our first child.

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Grocery Shopping

It’s that time of the month again when I need to replenish the pantry supplies in our Bacoor home. I’m a little pressured because my mom suddenly decided to join us for the weekend along with my two younger sisters. She said she wants to see our new kitchen and spends some quality time with us. Fine. Haha.

Normally, our go-to place to shop for groceries is SM Bacoor. It’s just a 15-minute car ride from our place and the supermarket there is enormous and well-stocked. I liked it there as it looks clean and the cashiers at the counter are friendly. Oh, and those looking for barcode scanner online should take a second look at the bar code scanners used by these employees because they look sleek and high-tech. But I digress.

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Our Green Room

The master’s bedroom in our Bacoor home is green-themed. We didn’t really plan for it. It just so happened that one thing led to another. Before we knew it, we already had a green-themed room. Haha.

our green-themed room

Nevertheless, we love how our room looks now. Green is easy on the eyes. It’s also the color of the environment, of Mother Nature. I just love green, period. 🙂

Investing on Luxury Furniture

Our Bacoor home, despite its small size, is slowly turning into a lovely dwelling for a small family like we have at present. Home improvement projects really do wonders to a home. As I’ve mentioned in my past blogs, our back extension, which we had improved recently, now serves as our kitchen. It’s tiny, but it has all the basics a homemaker wannabe like me needs.

my dream sofa (via)

For our next home improvement project, we plan to focus on our living room. If we’d have enough resources this year, we want to invest on luxury furniture. Not something overly expensive, though. We just want something sturdy and beautiful that would last us for years. It’s gonna be worth the money, right? Like one of those Marge carson sofas I saw online the other day. I can imagine it to be perfect for our tiny living room. Yes, our home furnishings have to be small for them to fit in our tiny living space.

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