The Shift to Brown Rice

Last Friday, which was a holiday (Chinese New Year), we unofficially shifted to brown or unpolished rice. All our meals last weekend, except for our Friday dinner where we had unlimited dimsum at Kung Fu Kitchen in The District Imus, included brown rice. It was a mutual decision for the hubby and me (though I’d admit I had bugged him about it until he realized I had a point) and so far, we’re enjoying it.

one of our meals with brown rice

In the three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we consumed brown rice, I noticed that it made me full longer. I also liked it’s texture. The cooked grains are firm but not too hard to chew. It’s like I’m eating fried rice (I love fried rice of all kinds!) except that it’s not oily at all. And another thing, brown rice is more “raised” or maalsa than your regular white rice. That’s economical because it means you get more cooked rice at a lesser amount of grains.

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Misplaced or Lost Forever?

UPDATE: My wedding ring isn’t meant to be lost forever. The hubby found it last Saturday morning in our laundry bag. God is good! 🙂

Something very important to me is missing. I have not a single clue as to where it is. Did I misplace it? Did I lose it? I’m confused and worried. I may not be very organized with my stuff, but I usually find where they are when I need them.

This thing, though it can be replaced, means so much to me. I found out it’s missing just last night. This morning, I prayed to God that whoever finds it give it back to me, in a way He could only know and execute. And that if ever it has been misplaced, I will be able to find it before it’s too late.

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Quiet Neighborhood

At the village where we live in Bacoor, the neighborhood is generally quiet. During weekends, we wake up a bit late and spend the morning doing household chores. We then have our breakfast and whatever goes after. Normally, I’d immediately prepare lunch after washing the dishes or delay doing so by doing other stuff.

One random Saturday, though, our car became a casualty of two kids riding a tiny sidecar. They were passing our side of the road when they accidentally hit the front of our car which resulted to a minor dent. Two Sundays ago, a neighbor’s pet dog got out of its cage and ran around the village barking non-stop. Good thing it didn’t bite anybody or it would have been a disaster. Which reminds me, the owner of that dog should visit this site for an electric dog fence. Or get a new cage. Haha.

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New Fave Japanese Restaurant

My husband is a big fan of Japanese food. Seafood allergy aside, he tries to eat Japanese food as often as he can with eyes on the safe options. In Bacoor, there’s this tiny Japanese restaurant that we visit on weekends because 1) we like their food 2) we like their good service 3) we like the tiny but well-kept space 4) the food prices are so cheap and 5) it’s just a 5-minute car ride (or a good walking distance) from our place.


The name of the restaurant is Ume-ya. It’s located on Mambog Road, a few steps away from the Total gas station and the Jollibee store along Molino Boulevard. Ever since a blogger friend (who also lives in Bacoor) mentioned it on FB, we’ve dined there thrice already and have always been satisfied. I’m not really into Japanese food as I’m a Chinese food enthusiast but so far, I share these dishes with the hubby as favorites: kani salad, California maki, katsudon, beef teriyaki, and shoyu ramen.

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Weekend Guests

Since we only get to stay at our marital home in Bacoor during weekends (the perk of having parents living in Manila who let us sleep over their place during weekdays), it’s been sort of a normal thing for us to have weekend guests. I, however, only invite family members or close friends to join us for the weekend on occasions because I treasure our “couple time” so much. After all, we only get to play our respective roles as husband and wife freely and seriously at our marital home during weekends.

Last weekend, we had my parents as guests. Actually, the plan was to visit our family home in Naic for some general cleaning (my parents stay with my three unmarried siblings in Manila to take care of their household needs). The last time we were there to clean the house prior to this visit was around August so you could imagine how dusty and dirty it was when we arrived. After bringing back order and cleanliness there, we left immediately and headed to Bacoor to spend the rest of the weekend there.

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Dining Out with Family and Friends

If there’s one thing I’m good at, that would be eating. Food has always been my passion. I love it more than my husband. Haha. Just kidding. Actually, the hubby and I have one common denominator – food. We love to eat good food. We also love to try out new restaurants whenever we could afford it.

While we enjoy dining at home (with me cooking for the hubby all the time if it’s just the two of us), we are fond of dining out, too. We visit restaurants with family and friends. If it’s with the hubby’s family, it’s almost always a bonding activity. If it’s with my side of the family, it’s normally a post-shopping agenda. If the dining out is with friends, it’s either a group reunion, a birthday blow-out or a mini get-together.

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