Quiet Neighborhood

At the village where we live in Bacoor, the neighborhood is generally quiet. During weekends, we wake up a bit late and spend the morning doing household chores. We then have our breakfast and whatever goes after. Normally, I’d immediately prepare lunch after washing the dishes or delay doing so by doing other stuff.

One random Saturday, though, our car became a casualty of two kids riding a tiny sidecar. They were passing our side of the road when they accidentally hit the front of our car which resulted to a minor dent. Two Sundays ago, a neighbor’s pet dog got out of its cage and ran around the village barking non-stop. Good thing it didn’t bite anybody or it would have been a disaster. Which reminds me, the owner of that dog should visit this site for an electric dog fence. Or get a new cage. Haha.

A quiet neighborhood doesn’t always mean it’s safe. But so far, I think the guards in our village are doing a good job. No theft or any other untoward incidents yet. I hope it stays that way. 🙂

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