Juicing with Edel: Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Oranges and Honey

I’ve recently started juicing during weekends at home. The hubby was okay with it so I guess this will gonna be a normal thing for us. Fresh juices are healthy, more so if they are a mixture of fruits, veggies, herbs and spices. For our first homemade fresh juice, I used celery, cucumber, ginger, oranges and honey.

The good thing about making homemade fresh juices is that you know they’re clean and you can control or limit the amount of sugar you put into it. I decided to use honey because it’s healthier than white sugar. Instead of using ordinary glasses, I made use of my new mason jars (which I bought online from an Instagram seller) for aesthetic value. Haha.


To make this cool and sweet juice, all you need are the five ingredients I mentioned above. You may use how much you want, just go easy with the ginger because its taste can get overpowering. I’ve been hearing about those slow juicers (I bet they cost an arm and a leg!) but I just used a blender with this. When I don’t feel like slurping the pulp, I remove it using a strainer making sure all the juices are taken off it.

Happy juicing! 🙂

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