A Money Saving Challenge

One random weekday, the hubby showed me this link to a blog post sharing about a saving challenge. I immediately got interested and asked the hubby if he wants to do it with me, not individually but more of a joint effort. A day after, I’ve seen the same topic on a blog I follow and my determination grew even more. Fast forward to last January 7th, the hubby and I finally decided to take on the challenge. We started that same day.

Dubbed as the 52-Week Saving Challenge, this unique concept of saving money is pretty simple. Basically, it allows you to save up moolahs gradually but surely. Each week, you keep an amount that accumulates as the weeks progress. The total amount you’ll save gets bigger and bigger in the process. At the end of the challenge, on the 52nd week, that is, you will save as big as P68,900 (Pinoy version, in Philippine peso). Cool, ayt?

If you’re interested, here’s the table that you have to follow as adapted from KuripotPinay.com:

saving challenge

The hubby and I plan to finish this challenge no matter how hard it will be. We believe it’s really designed for us because we get our salaries on a weekly basis (that’s how it is for most government employees, I believe). Anyway, I’ll let you all know what happens come December 31st. For now, please wish us luck muna. 🙂

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