Daddy’s Girl

My father and I are close but we’re not as close as I am with my mom. It must be because I’m a girl and my dad and I have different interests. But that fact didn’t stop me from loving my dad the way I love my mom. For me, he’s a great dad and that’s all that matters.

I have lots of fond memories with my dad. I also know a lot about him because I grew up with my grandfather who had lots of stories to tell about his big family. (My dad has 9 siblings, can you believe it?) As I spent more time with my dad after he stopped working in 1999, I learned more about a man whose life has been dedicated mainly in the service of his family. He’s such a family man with a big heart and with the way he provided for our needs before, we can never ask for anything more from him.

Now that I’m married, I only get to see my dad once or twice a week. But that doesn’t stop me from showing him how much I love and value him as my father. It’s funny that despite the generation gap, my dad and I still communicate with each other like we belong to the same era. I guess the secret lies in showing respect to the things he likes and vice versa. For instance, I respect his love for music and vintage musical devices like that Fender ’68 Custom Twin Reverb at Musicians Friend even if I’m not musically-inclined. I can say it’s quite effective. Haha.

I always pray to God to give my parents long and healthy life so my sibling and I could spend more time with them. I am also looking forward to the time when they could finally have their own grandkids courtesy of us. Hopefully, this happens sooner than later. 🙂

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