Craving for Thai Food

My efforts to lose weight have been futile the past days. Food trips have been aplenty and I couldn’t do anything about it. My food cravings have also been in active mode and the amount of discipline left in me isn’t enough to keep this in control. Actually, right now, I’m craving for Thai food. I want to have Tom Yum soup, Catfish salad and my favorite Pad Thai!


Whenever I’m having food cravings, I really make a way to grant my tummy’s request. It’s ironic and funny at the same time how I have always wanted to lose weight and yet, I always have food cravings that I go out of my way to fulfill. I think I have already gained 10 pounds in the last few months just because I keep on forgetting to watch what I eat. And I keep on having those food cravings even in the middle of the night.

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Forever 21 Mania in Manila

Forever 21 fever is on! Or at least for people here in Manila. This American chain of clothing retailers has recently opened its second branch at SM Makati. (The first branch is housed at the enormous SM Megamall.) I was in Makati last Sunday with the boyfriend, his sister A and some friends from Cebu. After having a hearty lunch at Good Earth Tea Room courtesy of the vouchers I got from Groupon Philippines, we decided to burn some calories by walking our way to the nearby SM Makati. I asked our group to peek into the Forever 21 store before heading to Mall of Asia (MOA) to meet up with more friends.

Forever 21 scene last Sunday afternoon, photo taken by the boyfriend

We didn’t know it was just the second day of opening of Forever 21 so we were kinda surprised at how big the crowd was. Boy, was the store huge! As soon as we stepped inside the store, I saw people everywhere I looked. There were lots of merchandise to choose from, I tell you. But it was quite difficult to actually inspect the items and decide to buy because we were in a hurry as we were supposed to go to MOA. In short, I left the store empty-handed but promised myself to be back soon.

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My KFC Lunch is the New Fish Twister

UPDATE: Just sharing my KFC Fish Twister review.

Just got back from my ob-gyne’s clinic. Glad everything turned out okay and normal. She advised me to go back to her next week so she could interpret and give the pap smear results to me. The boyfriend was kind enough to accompany me to my doctor. After my check-up, we were supposed to go to the World Trade Center so he could check out some auto show there. But the rain poured hard on our side of town and so we had to cancel it. We just had lunch at KFC-Nagtahan and then went straight home.

fish twister
KFC Fish Twister

My lunch was KFC’s special offering for Lent, the new Fish Twister (P80 for ala carte and P95 with softdrink). It was served on our table hot and inside a box. It was basically breaded dory fillet, cucumber slices, special mayo-mustard sauce and two kinds of cheeses (melted mozarella and grated cheddar) wrapped in a warm tortilla.I loved it. It was good. KFC was also generous with the mayo-mustard sauce and the two cheeses. Yum.

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