Baking with Edel: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

I’ve always loved a good chocolate cake. When I learned how to bake my own, I loved it even more. I think I’ve finally found the chocolate cake recipe that suits my taste and those of my loved ones. If you remember this post, the chocolate cake recipe I used there was different.

a slice of chocolate-y goodness!

I think this new recipe I found is simpler and better. It’s also quite easy to follow. You don’t even need a mixer in making it. A whisker is enough, or even just an ordinary ladle. But since I’m a little OC and wanted to make sure all ingredients were thoroughly mixed, I decided to still use my Marubishi electric mixer.

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Baking is Love

I never thought I’d fall in love with baking. Ever since I started baking at home this year, I became inspired to bake a certain cake or pastry every weekend. I’m just an amateur baker (and can’t see myself being a pro in the future) but I’m happy to say my finished products are a-okay. Most of them were even a hit to the hubby and our families.

Armed with a convection oven and my new electric mixer, I bake whatever I like. I get recipes online after scrutinizing the comment section of the article where these recipes are featured. You know, getting additional information or tips from the commenters who have actually tried baking the recipe in question. I keep all the recipes I got online in my email and when I find the time to do them, I just do them!

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Weekend Baking

The weekend prior to last, I did some baking at home to the delight of the hubby. It was a banana cake inspired by a simple and easy-to-follow recipe I found online. We shopped for ingredients at SM Southmall on Saturday morning and we couldn’t have asked for a better supermarket. They had everything I needed!

While we didn’t have an electric oven, I was able to make do with our turbo broiler/convection oven. Boy, was it just as effective! The banana cake cooked for a total of an hour in it and tasted heavenly. Not bad for a first time baker like me. Well, I think I just got lucky with the recipe I got. Haha.

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