Weekend Baking

The weekend prior to last, I did some baking at home to the delight of the hubby. It was a banana cake inspired by a simple and easy-to-follow recipe I found online. We shopped for ingredients at SM Southmall on Saturday morning and we couldn’t have asked for a better supermarket. They had everything I needed!

While we didn’t have an electric oven, I was able to make do with our turbo broiler/convection oven. Boy, was it just as effective! The banana cake cooked for a total of an hour in it and tasted heavenly. Not bad for a first time baker like me. Well, I think I just got lucky with the recipe I got. Haha.

I also tried whipping up a solo brownie using our microwave oven. I once saw this recipe from a blog and it piqued my curiosity. I was skeptic at first but tried it, anyway. It turned to be a pleasant surprise! The microwave oven really did its work. After two minutes at medium high, my brownie is done, and beautifully looking at that.

Upon tasting the brownie, the hubby said it lacked sugar but I guess it’s the recipe we should blame for that. Haha. Next time, I’ll add more sugar to achieve the perfect taste.

I didn’t know weekend baking was fun until I experienced it. 🙂

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