My New Asahi Convection Oven

I’ve always wanted to buy a new oven. I didn’t want to spend for it, though. So what I did was I sold my portable sewing machine and used the money from the sales to buy the oven.

the oven that a portable sewing machine bought

My new oven is just a basic one. I bought it last Saturday from SM Appliance Makati. The brand is Asahi and I got it for only P2,525. It’s a convection oven with a capacity of 23L. It’s very ideal for newbie homebakers like me. It was actually this Asahi convection oven review that a blogger friend wrote that convinced me to choose this particular brand and model over the others in the market.

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Baking with Edel: Homemade Chocolate Cake

I’ve learned and tried baking just recently. I remember my first finished product was a banana cake. It was followed by some brownies, then banana cake again. All had very satisfactory results. My husband loved it and so did the rest of our two families.


Last week, while reading a blog, I chanced upon a link to a chocolate cake recipe. I thought it was an easy one because it doesn’t need a mixer and requires only a few ingredients. The use of mayonnaise in lieu of butter and eggs also appealed to me, so I said to myself I’ll do it. And I did last Sunday morning. I actually made the ganache frosting the night before so it’d be ready to apply to the cake once it has finished baking.

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Weekend Baking

The weekend prior to last, I did some baking at home to the delight of the hubby. It was a banana cake inspired by a simple and easy-to-follow recipe I found online. We shopped for ingredients at SM Southmall on Saturday morning and we couldn’t have asked for a better supermarket. They had everything I needed!

While we didn’t have an electric oven, I was able to make do with our turbo broiler/convection oven. Boy, was it just as effective! The banana cake cooked for a total of an hour in it and tasted heavenly. Not bad for a first time baker like me. Well, I think I just got lucky with the recipe I got. Haha.

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