Earning Money by Selling Pre-Loved Stuff

Instead of spending money on more stuff that would just accumulate in our tiny house, I realized I could try earning money by selling pre-loved stuff. You know, those things you have used just once or twice but are still in mint condition. You could even add to these those items that you bought in the past but have never touched at all.

Last Monday, I sold my portable sewing machine online through my superfriend Nice. She took care of everything from posting an ad and finding a buyer to closing the deal with the seller and shipping the item. The hubby and I bought it in March 2012 (a few days after our wedding!) for P3,699.75 and I’ve used it only once. I attest to its perfect condition. I just found it hard to sew straight at that time (I think I need to attend sewing lessons first before I could fulfill my dream of sewing my own dress!) and also, I’ve found a new, fun hobby — baking!

this item got sold for P2,500, not bad methinks

I plan to sell more pre-loved stuff (even unused ones if I have them!) in the coming days. I believe it’s a great way to declutter and earn money at the same time. This is very aligned with my practice of living a simple life. I love it! 🙂

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