Baking is Love

I never thought I’d fall in love with baking. Ever since I started baking at home this year, I became inspired to bake a certain cake or pastry every weekend. I’m just an amateur baker (and can’t see myself being a pro in the future) but I’m happy to say my finished products are a-okay. Most of them were even a hit to the hubby and our families.

Armed with a convection oven and my new electric mixer, I bake whatever I like. I get recipes online after scrutinizing the comment section of the article where these recipes are featured. You know, getting additional information or tips from the commenters who have actually tried baking the recipe in question. I keep all the recipes I got online in my email and when I find the time to do them, I just do them!


Last Saturday was baking day at our Bacoor home. I made pizza from scratch (so proud of myself!). Because I didn’t have a budget for mozzarella, I just used quickmelt cheese for it. I also made two kinds of cookies (oats and raisins and chocolate chips). It was my first time to do all these baked goods. Good thing they all turned out okay and even surpassed my expectations. The pizza dough, I think, needed more kneading (must buy a rolling pin soon!) because I had a hard time making a round and flat dough out of it. But other than that, everything was fantastic, from the texture to the taste.

Next weekend, if my parents decide to join us for the weekend, I might just bake some brownies for them! 🙂

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