Best Panizza in Town!

Last Wednesday night, I went to My Kitchen by Chef Chris Locher inside the Oasis Hotel in Paco, Manila. I had dinner there with the husband, my PILs, my SIL, my mom and my two sisters. It was our first time to taste Chef Chris Locher’s panizza which he invented and became famous for back in his days at C’ Italian Dining in Clark, Pampanga.

Chef Chris Locher’s The Original in four different flavors

After tasting four different kinds of panizza (from the six new flavors), I have to say My Kitchen’s panizza is the best in town. They were sooo good! Like, 100% yummy. Among the four panizza whose names escape my memory right now, I liked the one with beef sirloin the best. I also appreciated the fact that all panizza were served hot off the oven and the kitchen was generous with the toppings. The arugula and the alfalfa sprouts, which you eat with the panizza, were fresh and crunchy, too.

Actually, the people at My Kitchen don’t call it panizza anymore. Instead, they call it The Original. I dunno why, it must be because Chef Chris’ panizza is indeed the original. After he served it at his restaurant in Clark and people raved about it, other restaurants followed suit and made their own version of the famous pie.

P.S. If Chef Chris Locher’s panizza weren’t expensive (P700-P900 each, good for 2 to 3 people), I’d eat it once a week. Haha. 🙂

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