Weekend Story: Grocery Run + Angel Pizza’s Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza

Last weekend was quietly spent with my little family. I think the hubby and I only went out of the house to buy fresh meat from the supermarket. We also tried this relatively new pizza by Angel’s Pizza — creamy spinach dip pizza — which blew us away taste and price wise (i.e. double deal promo)! I now declare it’s our new favorite pizza! It’s tasty and soooo creamy because of the three cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, and cream cheese) in it. It also has a generous amount of spinach and white onions that somehow lessen the guilt for me for having fast food for two consecutive meals on a weekend, haha.

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Weekend Story: La Cocina Food Tasting + Bacoor Staycation + Yakimix with Family

Long weekends are supposed to be relished. Our calendar only has a handful of them and so normally, people make plans to spend them well. I guess the hubby and I are not one of those people. Sometimes we have a plan, other times we don’t. Last long weekend, we didn’t have any. We just went with the flow. Of course, it was a given to go to Bacoor for a staycation (which we always enjoy!).

On Friday, we woke up late in Manila. Ay, ako lang pala yun. Haha. Anyway, the rest of the day turned out to be fun. In the afternoon, at around 4PM, we got an invite from La Cocina de Tita Moning to a food tasting of their new offerings.

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Baking is Love

I never thought I’d fall in love with baking. Ever since I started baking at home this year, I became inspired to bake a certain cake or pastry every weekend. I’m just an amateur baker (and can’t see myself being a pro in the future) but I’m happy to say my finished products are a-okay. Most of them were even a hit to the hubby and our families.

Armed with a convection oven and my new electric mixer, I bake whatever I like. I get recipes online after scrutinizing the comment section of the article where these recipes are featured. You know, getting additional information or tips from the commenters who have actually tried baking the recipe in question. I keep all the recipes I got online in my email and when I find the time to do them, I just do them!

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Review: Shakey’s PCM App

One random night last week, the hubby was craving for pizza. He then called up Shakey’s delivery and after less than an hour, received two boxes of hand-tossed pizza at a buy one, take one promo using his Shakey’s Supercard.

Just the other night, it was me who was craving for pizza naman. It was a good thing that I learned about the Shakey’s PCM app. (PCM stands for pizza, chicken and mojos.) Instead of dialing Shakey’s delivery hotline and talking to a real person to place my order, I used the app to order my pizza. It’s quite easy to use. I just keyed in my Supercard number (the hubby’s, actually), chose your pizza/chicken/mojos, proceeded to checkout and sent my order via 3G (wifi is okay, too). After a few minutes, I received a call from a Shakey’s crew confirming my order and informing me how long the delivery would take. You see, they have this policy that if you received your pizza late, it’s free. I didn’t experience getting free pizza, though, because my order arrived on time. I guess luck wasn’t on my side then. Haha.

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