Weekend Story: La Cocina Food Tasting + Bacoor Staycation + Yakimix with Family

Long weekends are supposed to be relished. Our calendar only has a handful of them and so normally, people make plans to spend them well. I guess the hubby and I are not one of those people. Sometimes we have a plan, other times we don’t. Last long weekend, we didn’t have any. We just went with the flow. Of course, it was a given to go to Bacoor for a staycation (which we always enjoy!).

On Friday, we woke up late in Manila. Ay, ako lang pala yun. Haha. Anyway, the rest of the day turned out to be fun. In the afternoon, at around 4PM, we got an invite from La Cocina de Tita Moning to a food tasting of their new offerings.

Apparently, our boss planned to open the patio area for all-day dining of sorts. The food will be affordable (read: not fine dining prices) to be able to serve more diners. It’s mostly Pinoy food, but I heard there will be pizza and pasta, too. We were able to try the pizza that afternoon and boy, was it yummy! I had margherita and pepperoni which were served to me hot off their new brick ovens (modern version).


I also had grilled chicken, biko, native hot chocolate, and iced coffee. We got so stuffed that afternoon that I intentionally skipped dinner later.

We reached Bacoor the next day right after Edwin’s classes. I did the laundry at night and I was so glad I did. Finishing simple tasks like that never fails to make me feel accomplished.

ching 5

On Sunday, we woke up early to make sure we hear the morning mass from start to finish. We had breakfast when we got home from the church. We had some left over white rice from the night before which, through some kitchen magic, I transformed into fried rice. I have a no-fail fried rice recipe that’s very easy to make. I’ll share the recipe soon. It has Chinese sausage and two kinds of veggies (carrots and green beans). For now, here’s a photo of it:

ching 4

We partnered the fried rice with soft-boiled eggs and native longaniza (the hubby’s top breakfast choice is longaniza I sometimes fear for his health):


Double burp!

We took a nap in the afternoon and when we woke up, we prepared to leave for Manila. Our family friend, Tita Ching, who’s visiting from New York, invited us to dinner that night. We met her at Robinsons Manila at 6PM. Dinner was at Yakimix because, well, we just like it there. Whenever we dine at Yakimix, we feel that the price we pay is worth it. That night, though, it was Tita Ching’s treat. It was her first time at Yakimix and we were glad she enjoyed dining there, too.

family pic with Tita Ching

After dinner, Tita Ching invited us to her condo. The building is fronting Manila Bay. From her window, one can enjoy a spectacular view of the world-famous Manila Bay sunset. It must be fun living there! Here’s a photo that the hubby took from the window of Tita Ching’s condo:


family pic inside the condo

After some chikahan, we bade good night to Tita Ching and drove to my in-laws’ place.

Now, it’s Monday once again and I look forward to a productive week.

How was your long weekend, ladies? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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10 Replies to “Weekend Story: La Cocina Food Tasting + Bacoor Staycation + Yakimix with Family”

  1. I still haven’t visited La Cocina de Tita Moning. Na-miss ko na ‘yung lengua na binigay mo dati. 🙂

    Na-miss ko na rin mag-Yakimix. Well, dining in buffet restaurants in particular. Behaved kasi ako lately hihi. Ang hirap ng pwesto mo sa table. Nasa dulo ka, ang hirap kumuha ng food! :p

    1. Haha, nakakatuwa naalala mo pa yung lengua! Pag nagvisit kayo La Cocina, let me know para hingi kita discount. Ahm, actually maluwang naman yung space sa likod namin, madali dumaan. At maski ilagay pa ako sa pinakamakipot, basta gutom ako, gagawa ako paraan para kumuha ng food. Magandang motivation ang gutom, eh, hehe. 🙂

  2. I wanna try La Cocina. :-S And we’re at Rob Ermita din last Sunday. If you ever see a teeny tiny baby girl in shorts zooming around the mall with her parents running after her, baka kami yun. Hahahah! di ko na-feel ang long weekend. Hay!

    1. Naku, parang may nakita nga akong family na ginawang playground ang mall haha, joke. Yes, visit kayo nila Je sa La Cocina one day. 🙂

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