Weekend Story: Condo Visit + Naic Trip

Last weekend was quite hectic but still fun. On Saturday, the hubby and I went out of the house for a quick grocery run and to visit our condo to see how it fared after the typhoon (it was fine, thank you). On Sunday, we went to my parents’ house in Naic to get their Christmas tree that was being kept there. They plan to put up the said tree at their place here in Bacoor so baby NJ gets to see one this holiday season. We don’t have a Christmas tree at home (there’s just no space for it in our tiny and cluttered house!) so it’s a good thing we’re neighbors, haha. We got hungry on the road so we stopped by King Bee on our way home from Naic for some delicious Chinese food (my fave!).

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of baby NJ who’s getting so makulit and malikot lately. She now has eight teeth (and uses them excitedly to bite my poor nipples, ouch!) and is turning 10 months old on the first week of December. Time flies, indeed!

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Weekend Story: Bonding with my Parents + My First Pair of Converse Shoes

I dream of a time when I could date my parents every week. I have always believed that family always comes first and that just spending time with them is one of the happiest and most worthwhile things I could do in life. That’s why I’m glad I got to spend the weekend with my parents. The hubby and I drove to Bacoor with them on Friday night, right after we had family dinner at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Edwin’s 39th birthday.

Our weekend turned out to be fun and as laidback as it should be except for the side pasyal to Biñan City in Laguna on Saturday afternoon to visit my aunt and my two cousins (one of them is an OFW who has just come back from Bahrain for a short vacation). After catching up with just my aunt because my cousins had previous commitments, we took home some pasalubongs. It was getting late so we had a stop over at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa City to have dinner pa pala. Banapple was my personal choice because I only get to taste their popular banoffie pie whenever I’m in the area. Haha.

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My Binondo Food Trips

Binondo, the oldest Chinatown established in Asia (outside of China, of course) is home to many Chinese tea houses that serve authentic Chinese fares at affordable prices. I’m not saying it only has that because it definitely has more than that. It’s like a time machine that transports people to the olden days when Chinese migrants first settled here in Manila to earn a living and influence the Filipino way of life in more ways than one. But I digress.

As a big fan of Chinese food, I only got to explore Binondo restaurants fairly recently. But more than anything, I think it gives me an advantage because I got introduced to Binondo and its culinary treasures at a time when I’m already earning money. You see, if I didn’t have purchasing power yet, how would I be able to enjoy the delicious Chinese food in Binondo? Haha.

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My Affinity for Asian Cuisines

I just came from a dinner with friends at Crustasia located inside Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. It was a heavy dinner and I got too full after. Perhaps, it’s the reason why I’m still awake at this odd hour. Our host ordered a lot of food and we just couldn’t stop eating because everything tasted good. The restaurant, by the way, specializes in three Asian cuisines: Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese.

My affinity for Asian cuisines started fairly recently. I just found out one day that there are some Asian dishes that I enjoy eating, crave for regularly and wanna learn to cook at home. These dishes include Bibimbap, Katsudon, Pad Thai, Siomai, Chicken Curry, Dumplings, Tom Yum Soup, California Maki, Wanton Noodle Soup, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Yang Chow Fried Rice, among others. What I love about Asian cuisines are its diversity, great tastes, familiar flavors, uniqueness, and innovativeness. It’s funny but whenever the fiancee and I would dine out, I’d always ask him to eat at an Asian-themed restaurant serving some or most of these food.

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Craving for Noodles

When I got introduced to authentic Japanese ramen thru a blogger food tasting at Rai Rai Ken (Finlandia Makati Branch), I knew it would be the start of my love affair with noodles. The truth is, I have always liked noodles in its many forms. A steaming bowl of noodles never fails to put a smile on my face. It lifts my spirits and awakens my senses. When I’m far from home and find myself eating one, it makes me feel closer to my family. Or so the experience suggests.

Last night, I was craving for some noodles for dinner. I wanted to go to the nearest Rai Rai Ken store but my mom and I got stuck at SM supermarket grocery shopping. Good thing there was a Pao Tsin stall in their fast food corner. If you’re not too familiar with it, it’s that area facing the supermarket counters catering to people on-the-go who would like to get a quick bite before they go about their business for the day.

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