Craving for Noodles

When I got introduced to authentic Japanese ramen thru a blogger food tasting at Rai Rai Ken (Finlandia Makati Branch), I knew it would be the start of my love affair with noodles. The truth is, I have always liked noodles in its many forms. A steaming bowl of noodles never fails to put a smile on my face. It lifts my spirits and awakens my senses. When I’m far from home and find myself eating one, it makes me feel closer to my family. Or so the experience suggests.

Last night, I was craving for some noodles for dinner. I wanted to go to the nearest Rai Rai Ken store but my mom and I got stuck at SM supermarket grocery shopping. Good thing there was a Pao Tsin stall in their fast food corner. If you’re not too familiar with it, it’s that area facing the supermarket counters catering to people on-the-go who would like to get a quick bite before they go about their business for the day.

my Paotsin laksa

I got myself a serving of Laksa with Dumplings for P55, take away. It was my first time to try this spicy noodle soup with Chinese and Malay influences. It had three pieces of pork dumplings, some vegetables, salted egg and noodles. It was very good and filling. The soup was steaming hot and remained so until I had reached home and finished eating. The spiciness from the red chili bits was just right, too. I wonder how an authentic Chinese or Malay laksa tastes like, though. It must be better. I’ll make it a point to eat laksa when the boyfriend and I travel to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in October.

I heart noodles, and that’s a fact.

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