Weekend Story: Family Outing + Work on a Sunday

Last weekend was super fun. Well, scratch that. The fun only happened on Saturday because we had a family outing. Sunday was a different ballgame. I had to go to work and though I was quite productive, lazing away on a Sunday is still waaaaaay better. Haha.

the main swimming pool

So, we went home in Bacoor with my in-laws on Friday night. The next day, Saturday, we woke up early, packed our things and drove to Kalipayan Hotel and Resort in Dasmariñas, Cavite. We got there at 7am-ish. After paying our entrance fees (P200 per head) and renting the same kubo (P600, good for 12 persons) that we stayed in during our previous visit last Holy Week, we started unpacking our stuff.

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Cooking with Edel: Sauteed Tomatoes with Egg

Sauteed tomatoes with egg was one of my comfort food while growing up in the province of Nueva Ecija. It still is one of my comfort food today. While you can eat it as is, I normally pair this with fried fish (galunggong or GG is the best!) or pork. The more garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes in it, the better.


This is one easy peasy recipe that I’m sure you can whip up at home:

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Comfort Food List

Do you have a list of your comfort food? You know, the edible things you love to stuff in your mouth to comfort you when you feel down or simply give you the energy to go about your day? I have mine which continues to get long as the days go by. Oh, I just love food!

Top on my list is anything sweet (e.g. chocolates, milk and mint-based candies, cakes, pastries, ice cream, etc.). Blame my mother for that as I got my sweet tooth from her. I guess we’re just lucky we haven’t gotten the dreaded diabetes yet (knocks on wood!). But recently, to cut back on sugar and safeguard my health, I have decided to drop those sweet candies in my list and replaced them with sugar-free ones. I also limit my intake of sugar and drink lots of water whenever I can.

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