Papal Visit to the Philippines 2015

We have all witnessed the warm reception of the Filipino people (Catholics or otherwise) to the apostolic visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines. It’s impressive how good we behaved while he was here. It was such a lovely sight to behold, really.


Pope Francis is such an inspiration. He’s so warm and genuine. The kind and comforting words he left us have definitely touched our lives in more ways than one. I had the chance to see him face to face and eye to eye at our workplace when he visited there last Friday. (He even blessed us as he was walking past us!) I couldn’t describe the mixed emotions I felt. Napatulala na lang talaga ako. Paano pa kaya pag si Jesus na ang makita ko?! Waaaaah!

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The Power of Faith

There is a mass scheduled every Monday at the chapel in our office building. While the priests officiating the Monday mass vary, it’s always the same people who attend it. I was able to attend the mass today. The Chinese priest who gave the sermon talked about faith and how people should never let it get out of our system.

He gave example of a friend who had been looking for a boyfriend for a long time. She continuously prayed for it while serving God as member of the Legion of Mary and doing volunteer work on the side. One day she met her soul mate in the US during a volunteer work she was participating in. They’re going to get married in May. Her deep faith in God led her to the man of his dreams. The power of faith is really amazing and immeasurable. It applies to so many things other than finding love.

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