On Living Within Your Means

I came from a lower middle class family. Unlike other families where both parents are working, it was just my dad who had a job. My mom took care of our home, of us. It was in my early years that I fully grasped the meaning of living within your means, through the examples and practices of my parents.

Then, my mom had a budget to follow and I believed she was able to manage her spending most of the time. Maybe it’s because she knew she couldn’t overspend because it would make her children hungry and her husband disappointed. During those times when she did overspend, she was smart enough to cover for it by borrowing money from friends. A not so smart practice, but at least, she was able to feed us and we didn’t go hungry for our dad to notice.

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Managing Credit Cards

UPDATE as of January 2015: I’m back to having just one credit card now. You might want to know how I became credit card debt-free. 🙂

I used to own only one credit card. Then it became two. Currently, I own three credit cards from different banks. So far, and thank God, I’m managing all three well. But it’s not a walk in the park, you know. Like many people, there are times when I get to overspend and end up getting charged with interests and late payment fees.


Having credit cards can be stressful, too. That’s why managing your credit cards well is a must. I’m not an expert at credit card debt management but here are some things I do to make sure my credit card debts don’t balloon to alarming levels:

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Frugal Forever

In my almost 30 years of existence on earth, I see myself as more of a frugal than a spendthrift. Yes, I splurge sometimes but even if I do, I still set a limit to my spending. I know I’m not filthy rich nor a money-making machine so I really try to manage my finances well.

I want to be frugal forever. One who knows how to save money and spends it wisely, too. I’d like to start the year with a clean slate, money wise. I know there’d be temptations every now and then, but I’ll make sure to deal with them like a mature person.

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Saving Dilemma

I seriously need some saving tips. This year has been one of the most expensive years of my life, money-wise. I’ve spent more than what I planned on spending and I haven’t been able to save up the right amount of money I wanted to keep for the rainy days.

But all of this isn’t entirely my fault. Circumstances tested my finances and suddenly, everything went beyond my control. If there’s one thing I’d like to do for next year, that is to save, save and save. And I’m influencing the hubby to do the same for our joint finances.

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Spending Habits

I noticed that after I got married, my spending habits have changed dramatically. I don’t have the urge to shop now. That or maybe, I’m just not overly exposed to the things women love (e.g. clothes, shoes, jewelries, etc.). And it doesn’t help that we hardly hit the mall these days.

As for the hubby, I think he’s also changed. It’s a given that he’s very fond of gadgets. He’s a techie, after all. If I’m not mistaken, he plans to get an iPhone 5 this year. He also loves looking at cars and model kits when we’re at the mall. But these he can’t buy in an instant as we’re still paying for our car. Haha.

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