Weekend Story: More Quality Time with Family At Home and Outside

The recent long weekend gave the hubby and I ample time to bond with our family in our Bacoor home and outside. What a great way to end November, I’d say. Hello, December! I know you’re gonna be merry and bright.

On Saturday afternoon, I accompanied my brother to the mall to buy a new cabinet for his clothes before meeting Mame and my cousin Jun at my siblings’ place. The three of us were then picked up by the hubby so we could hear the anticipated mass before driving home in Bacoor.

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Time to Go Out

So it seems I can now go out and have fun. Or so I’ve been told by the hubby. We’re meeting up with a friend tomorrow night and I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to unwind even just for a few hours.

You see, I’ve been stuck at home recovering from a surgery for weeks now. I’ve been raring to go out already. When I had a follow-up check up with the doctor last Monday, I specifically asked when I could go out or travel. She said I can already do so but have to be careful with my movements. Cool.

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Socials Go to Diamond Hotel!

It’s not everyday that my officemates and I go out. That’s why each time we hit the street to unwind, we try to make the most of our escapade. Last night we were at Corniche in Diamond Hotel to avail of their dinner buffet using the GC’s we all got as belated Christmas gifts. No, we didn’t pay using hsn coupons or those vouchers from Groupon sites but that would’ve been fun, too. Haha.

Dining in a five-star hotel isn’t new to me but somehow, I doubly enjoyed it because I was with a bunch of happy people. My officemates are very easy to please and they laugh even on the most trivial stuff. Last night, we all went home with great satisfaction over good food and even better company. What a way to end a long work day!

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Reservation is Full

Well, that was the exact answer I got from the Spanish restaurant in Intramuros I wanted to visit tonight. I know I tried making a reservation too late but from what I gathered, they’re fully-booked until Friday night. This left me with no choice but to reserve a table for three for next week instead. But I’m still undecided on the date, might as well make the booking early next week.

Hmmm, but I really want to go out tonight because I don’t have work at the restaurant. At the very least, I think I would like to check out Robinsons Place Ermita (my fave mall back in college) or Mall of Asia to get my ice cream fix at Dairy Queen and do some shopping. My brother D has been bugging me to get him a new belt, much like those rocawear belts he saw online. (He doesn’t have time to go malling these days because he spends a lot of time reviewing for the LET.) I think I also need new shoes. I hope to get a pair. Or two. Haha.

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