Weekend Story: Daiso Finds + Game of Thrones Marathon + Avocado Ice Cream

Last weekend went by fast. The hubby and I spent much of Saturday in Manila and the rest of the weekend in Bacoor. We were with my in-laws all the time. Fun? Yes, of course!

Daiso Finds

The hubby and I went to Rob Magnolia on Friday night for some “couple time” and I happened to go inside the Daiso store there and get these useful stuff:

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Cooking with Edel: Homemade Avocado Ice Cream

Note: No ice cream maker is needed for this recipe. There’s no actual “cooking” involved here, too. 🙂


I know. It’s no longer avocado season (or is it still?) but I just want to write about the homemade avocado ice cream I made one random weekend for posterity’s sake. Haha. This easy peasy recipe only requires three ingredients and four steps to make. This is one insanely good (and healthy, too!) dessert for the entire family!

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Weekend Story: Lots of Rest and Quiet Time

Weekends are full of surprises. This is especially true if it’s a long weekend. The hubby and I were already in Bacoor as early as Thursday night. Of course, we were excited over this 3-day break! Despite the continued heavy rains coupled with strong winds, the hubby and I were able to go out to do some errands, work on his thesis, and visit the wake of a friend’s mother.

On Thursday night, I made some ice cream using ripe avocados from my FIL’s own tree. It turned out to be so good for a dessert/snack that leaving some for our family in Manila was a hard thing to do. (Don’t worry, we ended up leaving some for them in the name of love.) Haha.

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