Weekend Story: Lots of Rest and Quiet Time

Weekends are full of surprises. This is especially true if it’s a long weekend. The hubby and I were already in Bacoor as early as Thursday night. Of course, we were excited over this 3-day break! Despite the continued heavy rains coupled with strong winds, the hubby and I were able to go out to do some errands, work on his thesis, and visit the wake of a friend’s mother.

On Thursday night, I made some ice cream using ripe avocados from my FIL’s own tree. It turned out to be so good for a dessert/snack that leaving some for our family in Manila was a hard thing to do. (Don’t worry, we ended up leaving some for them in the name of love.) Haha.

spell y-u-m-m-y!

Our Friday was spent at home except for the time when we braved the heavy rains to go to the wake of a friend’s mother at Manila Memorial Park – Dasmariñas and when we went back to CBTL at Starmall Prima to work on the hubby’s thesis. The best thing about Friday? Less cooking for me! I just prepared breakfast in the morning and the rest of our meals were fastfood.

tapsilog, anyone?

On Saturday, we just made a quick trip to the wet market to buy fresh produce and spent the rest of the day at home again. We suddenly got hungry when midnight came so we drove to the nearest McDonald’s for some burger and (shake shake) fries. Midnight hunger solved!

it’s back!

We went back to Manila on Sunday afternoon after getting a call from the hubby’s family informing us that my MIL had a high grade fever and was having some difficulty breathing so she wanted herself to be checked ASAP. We arrived at my in-laws’ place at past 1PM, unloaded our things from the car, and drove to Makati Medical Center immediately. Fortunately, after all the lab tests’ results came out, she was diagnosed as having just a bad case of flu (that’s why taking an anti-flu vaccine is a must!) and was just given a drug prescription. Thank God!

Despite the unexpected early return to Manila, our long weekend was quite sulit. We had lots of rest and quiet time. Now, I can’t wait for the coming long weekend!

How did your long weekend go, friends? I hope you had lots of rest and quiet time, too! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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15 Replies to “Weekend Story: Lots of Rest and Quiet Time”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try avocado ice cream but haven’t gotten around to really doing it! LOL Yes, I agree, flu vacc is really a must! My kids had a scheduled vaccination about 3 weeks ago but we rescheduled it as my son had chickenpox and I planned on having them vaccinated at the same time. Bad decision, the 4yo got sick (asthma/pneumonia) and was admitted at the hospital! Doc said, the flu vacc could have helped stop it. Ugh.

    1. Avocados are in season these days so go and make some! Your kids will love it! We get free anti-flu and anti-pneumonia vaccines at work. Nag-aavail talaga ako lagi kasi mahal din yun pag sa labas. 🙂

  2. I’m too lazy to make avocado ice cream so I just scrape it, mix it with milk and sugar, then chill it. Favorite ko siya lately! 🙂 And oh, my long weekend was memorable. I finally got the chance to watch a movie after 6 long, grueling months! Naka day off si Inday! :p

    1. Tama yan, good for Baby Z dahil masustansya. Hehe. Kami sa cable TV lang nakakanuod ng movies, nakadalawa ako last long weekend pala: The Giver saka If I Stay. 🙂

  3. Ang sarap naman ng avocado ice cream! My FIL knows how to do that he made it for free for my twins’ bday and baptismal sobrang sarap! Nagbebenta din kasi sya nyan.

  4. Hi Edelweiza,

    That avocado ice cream is happiness, masarap din pag mango icecream, i remember my mom used to do that before. Have a great week ahead. =)

  5. Ang saya long weekend na naman pala diyan?! Holidays and long weekends are just a few of the things that I miss back home. Kainggit!

    I was drooling over the avocado ice cream, favorite ko yan! Daming avocado dito kaso ginto ang presyo! Haha!

    Oh, and I had a fun weekend, di nga lang long, as I celebrated my first year here! Had a nice dinner and movie night to wrap up my first year as an expat! Hihi! Hay nakakamiss ang Pinas! 😀

    1. Walang long weekend dyan? Awwww. Hehe. Next weekend is another long weekend, ang saya! Ikakain na lang kita ng avocado ice cream dito kung ganon, hehe. Happy 1st year as an expat! 🙂

    1. No ice cream maker. I just froze the mixture. Lakas ng hangin sa Cavite last weekend, sana ulan lang (na walang baha) at lamig. 🙂

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