Missing Home

Today is such a long day. And I feel like wanting for it to end fast. I wish the clock strikes eight already so I could go home (Bacoor) and rest. I miss our home, our new sanctuary. I know the hubby feels the same. He says it all the time, anyway. Haha.

Right now, I imagine myself lying on the couch while watching TV. I guess I’m just bored to death. I hope traffic is light tonight on our way home. I wanna get home fast. At least, that’s what I want right now.

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Spending Habits

I noticed that after I got married, my spending habits have changed dramatically. I don’t have the urge to shop now. That or maybe, I’m just not overly exposed to the things women love (e.g. clothes, shoes, jewelries, etc.). And it doesn’t help that we hardly hit the mall these days.

As for the hubby, I think he’s also changed. It’s a given that he’s very fond of gadgets. He’s a techie, after all. If I’m not mistaken, he plans to get an iPhone 5 this year. He also loves looking at cars and model kits when we’re at the mall. But these he can’t buy in an instant as we’re still paying for our car. Haha.

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Gift from God

Married couples have different priorities. While some wish to have babies right after the wedding, others plan their lives based on other important factors like career, emotional preparedness and financial independence, etc. As with the hubby and I, we want to have a baby this year or the next. For us, it’s the right timing before we could start planning on realizing our other joint goals in life.

For us, babies are a gift from God. It’s not some gift or prize that you receive when you’ve done something good. It’s more of a gift from the one above that is given to those who seek, for them to cherish forever. I don’t know with you but I always get thrilled by the thought of having our baby someday.

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First Month

Oh how time flies! I can’t believe we’re now married for a month! Yes, it’s one awesome month filled with happiness and excitement over the little details in our very young marriage. Wow, I just feel so great today.

happy first month to us!

Life is good, so far, and we’re very thankful to our families and friends who have been showering us with love and support since our big day. Living in a separate house away from family is quite new to my hubby (not so much to me because I lived alone at one point in my college life!) but I can tell he’s coping well with it. I particularly love how we’re adjusting to married life and enjoying every moment of the process.

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The Adjustment Period

Right after the wedding comes the adjustment period. It starts when you and your partner (in my case, it’s my dear husband) move to your new house. The moment you sleep together in one bed, you feel the need to adjust. For me, it was more like adjusting to the thought that from that time on, I will sleep with the same man every night and welcome each day in the arms of the same person.

The adjustment period may be thought-provoking and worrisome for many people, but I find it quite manageable and fun, too. Perhaps, it’s because I went steady with my man for seven years before we decided to tie the knot. Such a long period of time gave me most, if not all, of the information I needed to know about him. I also saw him and spent time with him almost everyday in the last seven years so if there was anything I needed to know, I’m sure I’ve learned of it prior to our big day.

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Happy 2012!

It’s a brand new year and yet everything still seems like a blur to me. I have mixed feelings about 2012. It must be because this is gonna be a big year for me. When I say “big,” I’m not referring to success (though it won’t hurt if I get a bit lucky and become successful this year!). I’m actually talking about the changes that are gonna happen in my life.

First, I am getting married this year. My world is gonna turn upside down, but hopefully it’ll be for the better (right, Mr. FiancĂ©?). I’m very optimistic about that. Next, I won’t be the breadwinner of my family anymore. I will miss this title. It’s like something is gonna be taken away from me. I know I can depend on my brother to take on the responsibilities attached to the role but somehow, I am feeling a tinge of sadness. It must be because I know I’ll be missing my family (physically and emotionally) the moment I step out of our home to live with my new husband.

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