The Adjustment Period

Right after the wedding comes the adjustment period. It starts when you and your partner (in my case, it’s my dear husband) move to your new house. The moment you sleep together in one bed, you feel the need to adjust. For me, it was more like adjusting to the thought that from that time on, I will sleep with the same man every night and welcome each day in the arms of the same person.

The adjustment period may be thought-provoking and worrisome for many people, but I find it quite manageable and fun, too. Perhaps, it’s because I went steady with my man for seven years before we decided to tie the knot. Such a long period of time gave me most, if not all, of the information I needed to know about him. I also saw him and spent time with him almost everyday in the last seven years so if there was anything I needed to know, I’m sure I’ve learned of it prior to our big day.

But if there’s one thing I haven’t adjusted yet to married life, it’s the things I have to do for my husband, like preparing the stuff he needs when taking a bath or going to work. Yeah, just like what normal wives do to their husbands for many generations now. In a traditional Filipino family, to be exact.

I can be a lazy cat, you know, and I can’t still accept the fact that in this marriage, I’m the one that needs to give care and nurturing and not the one to be taken care of and nurtured. At least for the time being. Because we never know what will happen when I get pregnant and gets the “right” to ask for anything and everything from my partner. Haha. 🙂

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