New Life

Our wedding was a success, and as solemn and meaningful as we wished for it to be…thank God! All the hard work that we put into it paid off. And I can’t thank enough all the people who helped made our dream wedding come true. Just thinking about all of them and their contributions to our wedding can make my tear ducts go on overdrive any moment. Thank you so so very much from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

with my loving husband E (photo taken by our good friend Ronelle)

My new life as a wife has just started. I can’t wait for the many challenges, adventures and milestones that I’m going to have. I know it’s not gonna be easy and smooth-sailing all the time, but I’ll see to it to keep the faith and work hard to make things work. This is a blessing from God. I really wished for this to happen and so I’m gonna take good care of this gift.

Gosh, I’m still overwhelmed with emotions and I can’t seem to write sensibly at this time. Haha. I’m still having a good kind of hangover from the wedding last Saturday. Wow, I love, love this feeling. 🙂

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