Happy 2012!

It’s a brand new year and yet everything still seems like a blur to me. I have mixed feelings about 2012. It must be because this is gonna be a big year for me. When I say “big,” I’m not referring to success (though it won’t hurt if I get a bit lucky and become successful this year!). I’m actually talking about the changes that are gonna happen in my life.

First, I am getting married this year. My world is gonna turn upside down, but hopefully it’ll be for the better (right, Mr. FiancĂ©?). I’m very optimistic about that. Next, I won’t be the breadwinner of my family anymore. I will miss this title. It’s like something is gonna be taken away from me. I know I can depend on my brother to take on the responsibilities attached to the role but somehow, I am feeling a tinge of sadness. It must be because I know I’ll be missing my family (physically and emotionally) the moment I step out of our home to live with my new husband.

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Just Another Job Interview

Once again, I tried my luck in a job interview. It’s the same company, the one that has rejected me for a few times already. But who am I to turn down an opportunity like that? Who knows what the future may bring this time around, right? And so armed with my ever-reliable interview attire (a skirtsuit), I showed up on the scheduled date and did my best.

If there’s one thing I like about interviews, it would be the flicker of hope it evokes. Once again, I had mixed feelings over it. I felt happy, giddy, excited, nervous, anxious, and afraid all at the same time. At one point, I even wanted to buy padron cigars to calm my nerves. I said to myself that I won’t expect anything, I’ll just see what happens, when it happens.

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