Review: My Zalora Online Shopping Experience

Zalora is a local online shopping site. I had the chance of trying out its services last Monday and would like to share my shopping experience with you today. To be honest, what made me excited to shop at Zalora was the P500 voucher I received after signing up for their online newsletter. (I think I saw a link somewhere, got curious and suddenly decided to find out what the fuzz was all about.)

Zalora site’s screenshot

Zalora has a decent site. It looks a bit crowded but is quite navigable and user-friendly. There are categories provided to guide you when shopping. But first, to be able to shop, I registered an account with them. Then I started browsing through my catalog of choice. I ended up getting a maternity dress and a pair of flats to go with it.

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Online Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Last time I checked, I already gained 10 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. Wow, that (and the already noticeable bump!) should explain why I feel unusually heavy these days. Actually, a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit me anymore. Bummer.

something comfy for the preggy me

Meanwhile, I have started wearing dresses in the office this week and I liked it. Even I, myself, was surprised. I initially planned to avoid wearing maternity dresses all throughout my pregnancy but it seems I had a major shift in perspective.

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Online Shopping at the New Multiply has recently upgraded its online shopping system and it seems everything’s doing fine. I said so because I shopped there last week. I didn’t really intend to shop I just wanted to browse items in the “marketplace.” But before I knew it, I was already paying for three accessories via Paypal. Haha.

If there’s one thing that needs to be improved on, though, I think it has to be the shopping monitoring system. After I paid for the three accessory items I got from two different merchants, I tried checking my account if it would reflect my purchases but found none. I also wanted to monitor the movement of my items but there was no provision for that. I dunno if they just haven’t gone to that part yet or my account isn’t only updated. But still, something’s amiss here.

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Pinoy Blogger Shirts

Here in Manila where the blogging community is a very active one, more and more bloggers are flaunting their blogger identity to the public by wearing blogger shirts that come in various cool designs. Isn’t this t-shirt below cute?

blogger shirts
Photo taken from

This shirt is part of the blogger shirts collection sold at, a shop owned and operated by fellow Pinoy blogger Fitz Villafuerte. It’s priced at P270 and I think I’d like to have one soon. In the exact, same color and graphic print. The Pinoy Blogger text along with the sun and stars design is calling out to me. Actually, there is a black version of this shirt designed for ladies. And it looks nice, too.

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The Sexy White Shirt

So, I was just blog hopping one random weekday last month when I chanced upon this local site that sold sexy white shirts in plain scoop and V-necks. After getting awed by its classic appeal and simplicity, I felt the urge to buy one. It’s pretty cheap at P395 (plus P50 shipping fee within Metro Manila), though I have gotten myself a really nice white V-neck at half the price many moons ago.

Image taken from

In other words, I did buy the shirt. But not before searching the net for reviews of real people on the quality of the shirt. It seemed my gut feel was right because all the reviews I have read were affirming the shirt’s good cotton fabric that didn’t stretch or shrink after several washes.

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