Setting Up a Budget for Christmas Shopping

I’ve always believed in budgeting. Setting up a budget may be easy, but sticking to it is hard. When shopping for Christmas, it is very important to allot a particular budget so you don’t overspend, or worse, don’t get to buy all the items in your gift list.

Compared with last year’s budget, I have less money to spend for Christmas gifts this year. Why? Because 2013 is the year we vowed to reduce our debts, and I think we succeeded in doing so though we still have to clear out a few more next year. This means I will have to rely on my expertise when it comes to budget shopping. Haha.

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Fashion Find: Big Clutches

I once read from a fashion mag that dresses are best paired with clutches. After seeing a lot of stylish women donning dresses and with clutches on their hands, I started to accept this fashion combination. This becomes more relevant when you’re attending an event and you suddenly decide to wear a cocktail dress (for a party) or an evening gown (for a formal gathering). Clutches are your perfect accessory there.

While a lot of girls prefer small clutches, I like big clutches more than them. I find big clutches stylish, fun and functional. I remember my first big clutch was a red one from Mango. It was plain and with very simple design. I still loved it, though, because of its color. It would instantly brighten my outfit and keep my essential stuff safe and secure when I would be out in malls or to some casual events.

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Online Sellers of Handcrafted Stuff

I wish to put up my own business in the future. I don’t have the capital now that’s why I want to pursue this dream a little later in my life. For now, I’ll just enjoy the feeling of being mighty proud of my two friends who have recently opened their online business. They sell handcrafted stuff. My friend Adel makes pretty headbands for little girls while my superfriend Nice makes bags, cellphone cases, purses and organizers for everyone who needs them.

one of Adel’s lovely creations

Handmade products are special because they are made with burning passion and love. If you’re interested in what my two friends sell, head on over to their FB pages. Just type in “Peekabow” for Adel’s and “Nicely Crafted” for Nice’s on the search bar. If you’re buying in bulk to give away to your friends, they might just offer you wholesale prices on your order. Don’t forget to tell them that you found them through me!

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Finances, Finances

I dunno why but I always get broke a few weeks before the bonus-giving time at work. Is it because subconsciously I could smell the money coming my way and I know a little overspending before its arrival won’t hurt? I know it’s not a good practice, financially speaking, but I just can’t help it.

This is especially true when I’m in front of the PC looking at things that could easily land on my lap with just a few mouse clicks. From bags and clothes, I’m now into fine jewelry and I’m seriously thinking about those men’s wedding rings at at this very moment. No, I don’t plan to replace the hubby’s wedding ring with a new one. He’s a very simple guy and I just thought the simplicity and character of one of the wedding rings I saw from the site was very him. I can’t buy it because it costs an arm and a leg, anyway. Haha.

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Shopping for Bags Online

Instagram (or IG for short) being a social media site is now a venue for online sellers to reach out to a bigger market. I have actually found an online seller there selling stylish but affordable bags.

my three new bags

I followed @iamshopaholicmom at IG and bought three new bags from her ( a tote bag, a satchel and a drawstring). I liked how easy it was to deal with her and the shipping was faster than I had expected. It was also love at first sight when I first laid my eyes on the bags. The quality was superb and the material used (high quality synthetic leather) looked expensive-looking.

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