Fashion Find: Big Clutches

I once read from a fashion mag that dresses are best paired with clutches. After seeing a lot of stylish women donning dresses and with clutches on their hands, I started to accept this fashion combination. This becomes more relevant when you’re attending an event and you suddenly decide to wear a cocktail dress (for a party) or an evening gown (for a formal gathering). Clutches are your perfect accessory there.

While a lot of girls prefer small clutches, I like big clutches more than them. I find big clutches stylish, fun and functional. I remember my first big clutch was a red one from Mango. It was plain and with very simple design. I still loved it, though, because of its color. It would instantly brighten my outfit and keep my essential stuff safe and secure when I would be out in malls or to some casual events.


I just bought two new big clutches the other day. I was browsing through Zalora then and fell in love with a black big clutch. I paid for it without second thoughts. That’s the first one. The brand is Something Borrowed. The other one I picked up from Liberte, one of the fashionable brands at Robinsons Dept. Store. I just love Robinsons Malls, they have almost everything there. Just a side story, one time while strolling around Robinsons Place Ermita, I found a Tissot watch in one of the shops and upon seeing the price tag, I looked away immediately. I knew right then and there, I wouldn’t be able to afford it in this lifetime. Haha. Anyway, both big clutches are cheap (below P500 cheap!) and stylish. I plan to use them soon, most probably paired with dresses.


But that’s not to say clutches are just for dresses. I think it’s a bendable rule because clutches look good with trousers and shorts, too. Depending on the materials of your clutch, you can use it for virtually all occasions. 🙂

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