Waiting Game

I have a love-hate relationship with waiting. It must be because no matter how excited I could get with the idea of waiting, I find the time spent during the wait filled with doubts and what if’s. It takes a lot of drive to remain positive about something. More often than not, the part of us that feeds on negativity takes over and our way of thinking would start to shift from being stable to worrisome.

Have you experienced doubting yourself and your capabilities during the waiting time? Like when you have just taken a test and will have to wait for the results, do you overreact or just keep silent? Do you become more nervous and anxious as the days go by? Or do you get yourself preoccupied with other things and forget about your worries temporarily? I do both.

I know I don’t have control over things and that it’s only the one above who knows what will happen to us today, tomorrow and until the day of our last breath. It’s just a bit frustrating that we can only do so little during the waiting process. When emotions take over, we tend to feel weak and hopeless. That’s even if we’re trying so hard to remain calm and optimistic.

Oh, the game of waiting.

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