Routinary, But Never Boring

The past weekend has been quiet for us. We were stuck at home doing the usual stuff. Yes, we got to visit the mall but only to pay bills and get fresh supplies.

While the hubby was busy doing the laundry and cleaning the house, I labored myself in the kitchen (cooking diva ang peg!). The hubby and I, we love to share household chores. It really doesn’t have to be always equal, though, as you can see he does most of the work. Haha.

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Sunday Story: St. Pio, Johnny Rockets and Candy Crush Saga

The hubby and I woke up earlier than usual today. We headed to Manila to visit the St. Pio de Pietrelcina Centre in Libis, QC. We met up with my SIL there and attended the 10am mass. The priest talked about being and staying good for homily. He was adept at sharing the word of God and I was glad I found the time to listen to him.

After the mass, we checked out the nearby Eastwood Mall. Lunch was at Johnny Rockets where we ate overpriced hamburgers. (Review on my food blog soon.) Haha. To burn calories from the strawberry milkshake and all the hand-cut fries I ate, I suggested we go for a walk. We got inside the mall again and perused through shops. One novelty shop was selling personalized magnetic name tags and my SIL almost bought a piece but remembered just in time that a friend who has recently come home from a work stint abroad had one for her as pasalubong.

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Quiet Weekend

It’s not every time that we get to experience a quiet weekend. You know, a weekend where there’s very little or zero happenings. Last weekend was a perfect example of a quiet weekend for us. The hubby and I just stayed home doing household chores together and taking our much-needed rest after. That kind of stuff.

Except for our quick trip to SM Bacoor to replenish our pantry supplies, we just spent a quiet weekend at home. It was scorching hot outside so we just watched a lot of TV, played a lot of games, ate a lot of food, and cuddled and kissed each other like there’s no tomorrow (okay, that’s exaggerated).

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Sunday in Tagaytay

I will never get tired of going to Tagaytay. Ever. It’s such a great place for some chilling out, sight-seeing, and of course, food-tripping. Yesterday, the hubby and I, along with my SIL, drove up to the country’s second summer capital and had so much fun. We had brunch at Mushroomburger and desserts was at the famous Bag of Beans.

treats from Mushroomburger

Sunday in Tagaytay is always busy. Families flock to the place to bond and unwind. There was no traffic yesterday, though, which was a good thing. Because my SIL hasn’t gone to The Cliffhouse yet, we took her there and as we had suspected, there were a lot of people strolling around and the parking slots were full. We parked outside the nearby Yellow Cab and Army Navy instead and sneakily crossed over The Cliffhouse so my SIL could take a look around the place while we enjoyed the view and took pictures. Haha.
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Weather, Weekend and a New Week

Last weekend was quite terrible, if you’d only base it on the weather. But the weather is beyond anyone’s control, and we can only do so much to protect ourselves from its scheming ways. I’ve always told myself to not let the bad weather dampen my spirits, and I think I’ve succeeded in making the past weekend productive for me despite the not-so-cooperative weather.

But just like the weather, there are other things that are really beyond our control. Like when we were not able to attend a friend’s wedding last Saturday due to the reported flooding in some areas in Manila because of the non-stop rains. Actually, the rains continued pouring until Sunday afternoon, which was definitely not a good thing for a lot of people, especially those living in low-lying areas in the metro.

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Happy Weekend

Though we weren’t able to go home last weekend due to some errands that we had to finish, our stay at my in-laws’ place was fun. Actually, after all the work we had to do, we just spent the rest of the weekend eating, sleeping, watching TV and going out. Not bad, huh. Not only did I get plenty of rest, I was also able to unwind and fix some personal stuff.

On Saturday afternoon, we finally shopped for our baby’s clothes and accessories at 168 Mall in Divisoria. It was very convenient for us because we parked our car at the nearby Lucky Chinatown before heading to 168 Mall. After all the shopping (I said “all” because we did some personal shopping, too!), we had a Chinese merienda at the posh food court of Lucky Chinatown before going home. There was a drizzle outside on our way home so traffic was inevitable, but we were too happy with our purchases to care.

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