Coffee or Tea?

I always choose tea. If I’m craving for iced coffee with lots of milk, then that’s the only time I prefer having coffee over tea. I dunno but unlike many people I know who can’t live without getting their caffeine fix on a daily basis, I can survive days and weeks and years without coffee.

It must be because I did not grow up drinking coffee. It’s funny because both of my parents did. Until now, their mornings and afternoons aren’t complete without coffee. Even my brother has shared this coffee addiction during his college years. I remember he would drink gallons of coffee when he was still working on their group thesis. He was thin then and his face was pimply because of stress and lack of sleep. It was a good thing he found some miracle acne soap to clear his acne-infested face before it was too late. But I digress.

No, I don’t hate caffeine. I actually love caffeine in its other forms such as chocolates, chocolate drinks and of course, tea. It’s just that I was not able to grow an appetite or passion for coffee. Perhaps, in another lifetime. 🙂

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