Cool Birthday Gift Ideas, Anyone?

Birthdays are always an opportune time to shower our loved ones with attention and love. Different people have different ways of making the birthday celebrant feel extra special on his natal day. While some show their thoughtfulness by throwing a surprise party, others give the coolest birthday gift. In our family, birthdays are celebrated simply and intimately. If we have the funds, we throw a party (not necessarily a surprise one, though) and when there is budget constraints, we just think of the perfect birthday gift.

Today is my sister N’s birthday. She’s now 20 years old. She’s a simple girl with a golden heart. I was thinking of getting her a new watch as birthday present. But then I realized she already have a few watches that she doesn’t even get to wear them all. Now I’m wondering if a funny t-shirt from would do since she’s also a funny girl and is very easy to please. Hmmm, why not?

Any cool birthday gift ideas you have? I still need to buy presents for four more celebrants (that are all dear to me) this month.

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