Kitchen Improvement Project

Finally, our kitchen improvement project for our Cavite home has started. And so has the piling of expenses. (I hope my budget will suffice!) We purchased the materials needed last Saturday and the people we commissioned to do it started their work yesterday according to my mom.

I don’t know exactly when this project will be finished but I’m guessing it’ll take at least a week. Until then, I can only wish that everything will turn out okay, and according to plan. If my schedule permits, I’d like to go and check the developments in this project on Wednesday when it’s a legal holiday (read: no work) here in Manila.

The previous weekend was quite tiring for me. I traveled from south to north and back just so I could attend a friend’s event and buy the materials needed for the kitchen improvement project of our Cavite home. All of that plus I had work at the restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday nights. I’ve no regrets, though, because my weekend turned out to be really productive. 🙂

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