Why I Read Blogs

I’m a blogger and I write for my blogs. I think I have around ten, but I don’t get to write for them all regularly. I have other things to do, you know. Like reading other people’s blogs. Yes, I read a lot of blogs that are owned and maintained by various individuals.

You can say I love blog hopping. I really do. Whenever I still have free time online, I read blogs. I read blogs because it’s my way of getting inspiration. I’m always inspired by others through their blogs. I think it has something to do with how they write and how they see things and share them for all the internet world to know. I dunno with you but reading stories of strangers never fail to educate, enrich and entertain me as a person. Unlike other readers, though, I only leave comments depending on my mood at that time and only if the topic leaves a big impact on me.

I usually enjoy reading personal and food blogs just because I’m fond of getting to know new people and I love eating. If reading blogs were a job, I’d gladly take it. It may never be as financially rewarding as those Geneticist Jobs but it’d be surely fun for me because it’s something I really have a great time doing.

If you’re a blogger like me, do you also enjoy reading blogs other than yours? 🙂

2 Replies to “Why I Read Blogs”

  1. edel!!! you have a blog site pala!!! m/ i’m so daft i just found out now haha. R u also kitchen goddes & reisen888 in IG? 🙂 love ur blog!! :-*

    1. Hi Ms. Jane! Flattered naman ako nahanap mo pa talaga blog ko. Haha, nag-eexperiment lang sa kitchen pag weekend. During weekdays we stay at my in-laws’ place in Manila kasi Manila kami nagwowork and sa Bacoor naman house talaga namin. Thank you! 🙂

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