Socials Go to Diamond Hotel!

It’s not everyday that my officemates and I go out. That’s why each time we hit the street to unwind, we try to make the most of our escapade. Last night we were at Corniche in Diamond Hotel to avail of their dinner buffet using the GC’s we all got as belated Christmas gifts. No, we didn’t pay using hsn coupons or those vouchers from Groupon sites but that would’ve been fun, too. Haha.

Dining in a five-star hotel isn’t new to me but somehow, I doubly enjoyed it because I was with a bunch of happy people. My officemates are very easy to please and they laugh even on the most trivial stuff. Last night, we all went home with great satisfaction over good food and even better company. What a way to end a long work day!

This 2012, I hope my officemates and I get to go out more often. 🙂

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