I Lost My Favorite Purse

Some good things never last. So true. That was the exact thought running in my head after I lost my favorite purse at this hotel where my family and I had a good dinner buffet to celebrate my sister’s college graduation. I still can’t figure out how I lost my purse because as far as I remembered, I slid it back into my bag after using it.

Aside from some personal things, a few cash and a check (that I still have to request for a re-issue from the company that gave it to me!), it’s the purse itself that I really regret losing. Yeah, talk about sentimental value. It had been with me for just a few months but I love, love it’s nice color and print and the beautiful butterfly bead work on its back. Awww, I really miss it!

But I guess by now I should already let go of my purse. I don’t think I can still retrieve it. To whoever may have found my purse, I hope you find it useful. I don’t expect you to return it nor its contents, but if you would, I’d be very grateful I might call flower delivery to send you flowers. :)

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2 Responses to I Lost My Favorite Purse

  1. Nicely says:

    This post reminded me of my favorite coin purse that I lost in Divisoria. I hope the thief enjoyed my bunch of P1-peso coins. Haha!

  2. lifein says:

    Haha. Ako rin, I hope magamit nya ang purse ko at makatulong sa kanya ang kaunting pera doon. :)

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